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About Me

Thanks for stopping by…

I am Katlin Sumner of Katlin Sumner Designs.
How original for a business name right?

Hi! Thank you for stopping bye. I am Katlin Sumner of Katlin Sumner Designs. How original for a business name right? My passion for designing started back when I was 17 years old and I got to redesign my bedroom at my parents home. It was so fun to me, and though my style has evolved throughout the years, I feel I have stuck to what is true to me. I design spaces with things I truly love, and not because its just a fad.

I have an obsession with antiques and incorporating them into spaces.

I went to school studying Criminology at Mount Royal University in Calgary Alberta, but had left a new love and relationship behind. So I moved back home after one year out West and finished my studies becoming a Legal Clerk. Sitting behind a desk for a forty hour work week was never meant for me, and I am thankful I discovered that at such a young age. I have been happily married for 6 years and with my husband for a decade now.

My husband Greg and I live in a Farmhouse built in 1865, and have done endless amounts of renovating to it. We live there with our two very spoiled dogs. Our black lab Jasper who is 7 and my shadow, and our yellow lab Marley who is 6 and his own wild spirit.

My passion for designing evolves in to wanting to help others make their house a home that they can truly be proud of. I enjoy helping clients achieve a space they have dreamt of, while making it functional for the stage in life they are at.

Thank you for stopping by my website and I hope I can inspire you in some way to create a beautiful space or fulfill your dreams.


Katlin Sumner

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